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5 Tips to Increase Your Sales

Most of us have been on the receiving end of an ineffective sales pitch. Even if it’s the right product for the right price, we are likely to walk away if we feel unheard, confused, or overwhelmed. At Talance Group, we have a people-first mindset and value having a genuine understanding of our customers’ needs. This approach will ultimately help your sales too. Here are some of our tips.

A Talance Recruiter helping a client in Houston, Texas.

1. Make Eye Contact

Eye contact is an indicator of active listening. Studies have shown that people remember more of what you’re saying when you make eye contact while you speak. More importantly, while your potential client is speaking, eye contact signals attention, respect, and understanding.


2. Resolve to Never Interrupt 

Let your potential client completely finish his or her thoughts before you respond. This can be challenging. If you feel you already understand the concept being conveyed or if it’s an idea you’re extremely familiar with, it’s tempting to chime in with, “I totally understand,” or a similar affirmation. Instead, allow the client to finish completely. You can even practice taking a breath of silence before you begin. This will build trust and indicate that you can adequately respond. 


Talance recruiters gathered around a computer

3. Ask Questions

It’s important that you fully recognize what your potential client wants. If you offer unwanted features or benefits, he or she may start to become overwhelmed or disinterested. Asking clarifying questions helps to more sincerely engage in the conversation. The client will feel this too. Choose open-ended questions to keep things moving. 


4. Be Excited! 

Generally, people respond to a pitch based on impulse or a gut feeling, not on logic. Palpable enthusiasm and excitement for the ways you can help your client will be contagious. Remain receptive and empathetic to whatever sentiment your client is expressing while aiming to inspire with your product. 


Two recruiters around a computer

5. Use a Personal Touch

After you’ve used active listening to reach a deep and complete awareness of how you can help, you’re in a powerful position. You can now organize your sales strategy in a way that uniquely speaks to each client specifically. Hopefully, you’ve established a rapport and are comfortable disregarding obvious “selling tactics,” and instead can aim to provide a real service. Adopting rhetoric that’s more personal is an appreciated touch in an increasingly impersonal world. 

These sales tips will help foster relationships and build trust. Ultimately, trust is what closes the deal. In our social media culture, authenticity in the way we communicate and do business is becoming more and more crucial for survival. Hopefully, if you need one, this advice can encourage a fresh approach. 


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