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9 Annoying Office Habits You Don’t Miss While WFH

9 Annoying Office Habits You Don’t Miss While WFH

By Deana Fuhr

For many, the widespread embrace of remote work is a change bringing on extra burdens, like homeschooling our children. Many of us miss the office – our large desks, big-screen computers, and most of all, our coworkers.

But instead of getting too nostalgic for the office, let’s remember there are annoying office habits we’re not missing while working-from-home.

1.Using your speakerphone.

Imagine being married to someone who uses speakerphone at work.

2.Typing loudly.

It’s a keyboard, not a pinball machine; just slow down a little.

3.Bringing smelly food.

We know you’re trying to eat healthy, but save the tuna for your at-home lunches.

4.Wearing too much cologne or perfume.

There’s always that one person with that one signature scent you can smell from across the room.

5.Leaving dirty dishes in the sink.

Since working from home, I don’t have to deal with my coworkers’ dirty dishes. Just my own.

6.Sighing, humming, sniffing, or whistling.

ALL. DAY. LONG. Especially if you sit close to someone, these little things start to wear you out.

7.Clipping your nails at work.

Enough said.

8.Refusing to turn off your notifications.

*PING* *PING* *PING* Okay, we get it, you’re popular, now please turn off your notifications.

9.Copying EVERYONE on emails.

Oh sure, you *accidentally* hit Reply All.

You probably know someone who does some of these things. And if you don’t, YOU might be that someone.

What’s the annoying office habit you aren’t missing? Come on, I know you have at least one.

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