Tips for Hiring the Right Candidate.

Hiring can be difficult for first time hiring managers and seasoned professionals alike. We created Ask Talance Group to answer questions that help hiring managers successfully navigate the talent market and build better partnerships. Our resources can help streamline your hiring process and improve new hire retention.

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We answer your questions like:

Why Should A Client Meet With A Recruiter?

There is always a good reason to meet with a recruiter…even if you are not hiring. Typically, when a company is ready to make a new hire, and they haven’t used a recruiter before, they call up an agency…

How Do I Know Candidates Can Really Do What They Say?

You’re sitting across from a candidate that said all the right things. They’re personable and their experience is everything you’re looking for, but is that ‘golden ticket’…

Should I Consider Contract-to-hire?

Exploring a consultant/contract role is always a hot topic as both candidates and clients want to know if consulting is the right fit for them. There are a number of pros and cons regardless if you are…

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