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Angela Godfrey and Jennifer Silveira Celebrate 10 Years with the Talance Group

2018 proved to be a year of milestones at the Talance Group and we couldn’t do it without our employees. We are proud to announce the 10 year anniversaries of tenured recruiters Angela Godfrey and Jennifer Silveira. 

The real competitive advantage in any business is one word only, which is “people.”–  Kamil Toume, Writer and thought leader

At the Talance Group, our value stems from our ability to align the needs and culture of Houston’s finest employers with the aspirations and personalities of professionals searching for the next steps in their career. We do this by focusing on and listening to those who matter most, the people we work with. Given we are in the business of working with and for others,  we often times forget to take a step back and observe that it is because of our own employees that we have and will continue to successfully serve Houston’s accounting, finance, and tech communities. It is for that reason we are proud to announce the 10 year anniversaries of two extremely talented Talance Group team members: Angela Godfrey and Jennifer Silveira.

To thank each for their 10 years and  ongoing commitment to the Talance Group’s mission, we decided to sit down and discuss how they were originally introduced to the executive search industry and what has made them so successful. Be sure to check out our latest Q&A session with Angela and Jennifer and congratulate them on 10 outstanding years working with Houston-based professionals like yourself!  If you have not spoken with either Angela or Jennifer in the past, click here to meet our team and please be sure to connect with them on LinkedIn or contact them if you are seeking to advance your accounting and finance careers.

To get started, we would love to tell our readers more regarding your professional background. Oftentimes Talance Group team members have spent time working in a technical field before transitioning into recruitment. How has this enabled you to be successful in the business of talent acquisition?

Angela: I started my career in accounting in Big 4 as an auditor with Arthur Andersen and then KPMG. I worked with a variety of companies preparing for IPOs which required a taxing travel schedule and being confined to a desk for what felt like 20 hours a day. Although I loved accounting, I realized very early on it wasn’t my calling. That was when I transitioned into corporate finance, but once I had my daughter, I realized I needed more flexibility.

I’ve worked in recruitment for the past 12 years and my direct experiences in accounting and finance have allowed me to truly connect with the professionals I have worked with. I’ve been in their shoes and can relate to their career aspirations and goals. I also have a detailed understanding when it comes to the responsibilities of the roles I recruit for and am able to apply my expertise in talent acquisition specific to Houston to each search I conduct for employers. It’s a crucial layer of value which I would not otherwise be able to offer.

Jennifer: I also started my career in accounting but worked as an operational accountant and financial analyst in the healthcare industry for six years. I worked on a variety of operational accounting special projects as well as budgeting and forecasting, which offered me a well rounded background in finance/accounting. Soon I realized what I enjoyed most about my job was working with people as opposed to numbers. . I moved into accounting and finance recruiting in 1997 before taking several years off to focus on my family. I joined Talance Group in 2008.

The knowledge I gained while working directly in accounting and finance was vital to my success. Not only does it give you a detailed technical understanding of the work each job seeker would be doing, it also allows you to ask the “right” questions which is key for both employers and job seekers.

How were you first introduced to the recruiting industry?

Jennifer: Similar to most professionals in the talent acquisition industry, I was introduced to the recruiting industry after obtaining a job through a recruiter. After speaking with my recruiter, it appeared as though it was a good change of pace and offered an opportunity to really help like-minded professionals.

Angela: Like Jennifer, I too was introduced to the executive search industry while working with a recruiter. After being convinced to take the leap, I was able to learn the ropes and fundamentals with my first recruiting job before interviewing with one of the Talance Group’s founding partners, Stephan PatschI was instantly sold on working with the Talance Group given the partners’ longevity within the field and extensive network throughout Houston’s business community. They were also a smaller team at the time which excited me because I would receive the opportunity to be a true partner in the company’s growth.

What is your approach to recruiting, how does this differ from other executive search firms, and how has this made you successful?

Angela: I am a big believer in making the “right” match for a job seeker and for an employer. I’m not the most aggressive person when it comes to “making the sale,” an approach which is all too often seen in the industry. I focus on truly understanding a candidate’s short and long-term goals  and aligning them with those of the employer. It mitigates the probability of unsuccessful placements. The employers and job seekers I work with know that when I contact them, it is because I have identified a truly viable fit and qualified the opportunity or the candidate on their behalf.

Jennifer: My approach is simple: professionals come first. A professional’s needs and aspirations are greater than “WIIFM” as you commonly hear in business. To me it’s a question of “what’s in it for you?” I do all that I can to ensure I am a truly valuable resource regardless of where an individual is in their job search. If they aren’t actively looking but considering it and need free resume advice, I help. It’s  simply a mindset, but it is a trust that has resulted in a lot of referrals and success over the years.

How has the Talance Group enabled your success with regards to working with both employers and accounting or finance job seekers?

Jennifer: The Talance Group’s team-oriented culture and flexibility are, hands down, the key factors in our success. Not only do we have flexibility and a true respect for work/life balance, the leadership team also respects that each recruiter may bring a unique approach to recruiting to the table. It’s a quality, relationship-focused approach to recruitment versus a fee-focused approach which gives us the freedom to build sound relationships.

Angela: The Talance Group is extremely flexible on both a personal and professional level. It is respected that we “shut down” in the evenings to focus on family, and we are able to travel to unwind and recharge when needed. Even more important is the fact that the Talance Group’s team is unparalleled when it comes to supporting one another. If I need to take a week off, I know that my team is there to support me and maintain the same level of service to my clients and candidates while I am out of the office. It’s always team first, whereas in many other recruiting environments there is an overall fear of losing out on rewards which ultimately hinders success.

Also, I take pride in watching the candidates I work with grow by listening and helping them to the best of my ability at each stage of their career. I can do that at the Talance Group because I get to build my own schedule and am not worried about meeting traditional communication-heavy “industry metrics.” It is honestly the best atmosphere to work in as a recruiter.

Thank You from the Talance Group

Again, on behalf of the leadership team here at the Talance Group, we would like to thank you for 10 amazing years. Angela and Jennifer, you have both been crucial to the growth of the company and we are thankful for your dedication to improving talent acquisition and job searches for so many around Houston.

To our readers, if you have yet to do so, please be sure to connect with Angela and Jennifer on LinkedIn and congratulate them on 10 fantastic years!

Get in touch with Angela and Jennifer:

Angela Godfrey joined the Talance Group in 2008 and has over 15 years of experience in recruiting for finance and accounting. Angela is a former Big 4 auditor, having worked  for Arthur Andersen in Houston with clients in the Oil & Gas and… continue reading bio >

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Jennifer Silveira joined The Talance Group in 2008 and has over 15 years of accounting and finance recruiting experience. After graduating with an accounting degree from Stephen F. Austin State University, she was an accountant and financial analyst for seven years….  continue reading bio >

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