Are Recruiters Going Extinct?

From ads on TV to billboards, national recruiting companies are turning to Artificial Intelligence to try to solve the challenge of finding and filling positions. Does this mean that recruiters are going extinct? Just like watching bad robot videos, AI-based sites often make mistakes, and can’t filter nearly as well as a human is able to. Here are some reasons an algorithm won’t replace the real thing any time soon:


It’s Artificial For A Reason

Using data points and ‘surveys’ can only tell you so much about a candidate. Flesh-and-blood recruiters can instinctively do much more in vetting a candidate and helping find them positions to apply for that both candidate and client will benefit from. When it comes to the instinct and industry knowledge that a recruiter provides, there is no artificial replacement.


Long-Term Relationships

One of the biggest advantages recruiters have over AI is the relationships they have and the network they have built. A quality recruiter knows that developing personal relationships with hiring managers and candidates provides knowledge that can never be gained within a computer program. They know the companies that they work with and will not present a candidate that won’t do well in the position or in the culture. It’s nearly impossible for a program to truly qualify and vet the soft skills that a recruiter can. Plus, a program won’t ever be an advocate for the user. A recruiter can negotiate, mediate and consult. They live and work in a wide spectrum, while AI sees candidates and jobs as either a 1 or a 0.


Two-Way Conversations

Searching to fill a position, or looking for a new job opening, is not necessarily a replicable process. There are subtle intricacies to how each of us speaks or presents ourselves, and how we interact with others. This requires difficult conversations, and the charisma to know when to push and when to back off. Social cues like this are lost on programs that show you where to apply but miss the other 90% of what a recruiter does that makes navigating the job market so much better for clients and candidates.


The Human Element 

There are some things that AI simply can’t do yet, and one of these is properly vetting candidates. Using keywords, trending topics and complex coding, the AI and programs that exist on the market right now can do a pretty good job in pairing resumes that match a job description. What happens when that resume has been falsified? Will an electronic survey weed out the pros from the joes? Recruiters have years of experience spotting red flags, thoroughly researching job history and asking tough questions to get the real answers. For quality results, there is no contest between robot and recruiter.


Evolving With The Market

Using a recruiter will make filling your next position or looking for your next job less stressful and more enjoyable. Because of this, recruiters aren’t going extinct. Quality recruiting will always have a place in the market, for those who value placements that satisfy both client and candidate and are made to last. If you have any questions about the article above or recruiters in general, please don’t hesitate to contact the Talance Group at 713-357-9565.