How Important Is Experience In Your Recruiter?

Recruiting is no different than other professions—the more experience you have, the better you are. While there are some outliers, experience plays a fundamental role in what you can expect from a recruiter.


Experienced recruiters often have an extensive network they can call on when a candidate or job opens up. Their in-depth knowledge of the market and their deep network is often cultivated through years of experience. It’s basic math—the more time they have to meet people, the larger pool of resources they will have to use for you.


You want a recruiter who can negotiate, regardless if you are a hiring manager, candidate or consultant. A good recruiter must be able to test for areas of flexibility for both sides in order to create a middle ground “win/win” solution.

Transparent and Honesty

You shouldn’t be afraid to work with a newer/younger recruiter if they are honest and transparent that they don’t know everything. How do you know if they are? Ask! Be direct with your recruiter and ask them about their experience, past projects, tough placements they completed, and who they go to in their office when they need advice. A younger recruiter should have veteran resources on their team that even you as a client or candidate can ask:” What does your most experienced recruiter think?” If they are open and honest, then they might be the right choice for you.

Newbie Prices

Every firm is different, but new recruiters may be able to lower their rates for you. This could be appealing for budget conscience businesses who need to find a candidate but can’t afford much in the way of fees, but be aware that sometimes you get what you pay for.

Their Team

Recruiters and their teams work together—or at least the best ones do. If you are concerned about working with a younger recruiter, but they have a talented, experienced team behind them, then you are probably in good hands. Coincidentally, if they are giving you vibes that they are lost, and their team isn’t providing much support then you should move on to a new firm.

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Happy Hunting!