Why Are People Leaving and Going To A Different Company?

If you work at a company with abnormally high turnover and dissatisfied employees, there are likely a few deep-rooted issues in place. Below we outlined common causes of employee abandonment so you can learn how to improve your company culture to foster long-term retention.


If your employees are acting disengaged, irritated, or unmotivated in their work environment, it could be stemming from leadership issues. Employees want to feel valued, empowered, and respected by their managers. If they feel mistreated or unrecognized for their hard work, they may seek employment elsewhere. It’s imperative to be upfront and honest with employees about expectations and company culture early on. If you’re professional, honest and empathetic with your  employees  when the going gets tough (i.e. through mergers, extra hours to meet deadlines, special projects requiring working what feels like two jobs, etc.), they will trust you and believe in the plan you have laid out for them.


A clear, concise company vision is critical, but let’s be honest… it isn’t always the case. Your employees want something to believe in and work towards, so this is where each and every manager has to set the direction for his/her team. You should constantly communicate with employees about individual duties, department goals, and as much as you can about the company-wide mission. Instead of feeling aimless and uninspired, employees will want to get on board and work for YOU. You want your staff to connect with the vision of the firm on a deep, lasting level but sometimes you just have to get them through the downtimes. That will keep them invested for years to come.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line? Treat your employees well, provide a sense of purpose and foster ambition. If they feel respected and valued, your employees will want to build a career at your company, rather than view your company as a stepping-stone. If you need help or want more information, please give us a call. We want to give unbiased answers to your questions, whether you choose to engage our help or not.