Ask Talance Webinar: “Best Practices In Preparing For Your Job Search”

Cost cutting efforts from Houston companies dealing with the challenges of both COVID-19 and low oil prices has caused many professionals to find themselves unexpectedly searching for employment. Because of this, select members of our staff at Talance Group decided to form a panel and conduct a live webinar, entitled Best Practices In Preparing For Your Job Search, to kickstart the hiring process for these applicants with a list of industry tips to help candidates stand out in the market.

Learn Remotely From Those Who Know Best

The webinar was free to all who sought to gain a leg up by learning best practices from professional recruiters that know how to help advance careers. Topics of the webinar included tips for writing and sharing your resume, remote networking and interviewing, selecting and organizing professional references, editing your LinkedIn profile, and the benefits of exploring contract opportunities, among others. 

Receive Real-Time Answers To Personalized Questions

The event concluded with a lively Q&A, with those who attended making great use of the opportunity to ask personalized questions to our panel. Just days after the event, we were already receiving letters of positive responses from those in attendance, who stated how the time to discuss these best practices were already helping them on their searches. To us, that means everything. Because of this, we wanted to share the webinar with our entire ATG community. Take a look, and hopefully you feel the same! 

Reach Out To Take The Next Step In Your Search

One of the main points of focus in the webinar is to stay the course, maintain your expectations, and treat your job search like a job itself. In constantly ‘showing up’ to work, and treating your search seriously, you will continue momentum in working toward achieving the results you are looking for. 

If you yourself are on the job hunt, and have further questions about preparing for your search, about working with recruiters or anything about the recruiting process, give us a call at 713-357-9565. We want to give unbiased answers to your questions, whether you choose to engage our help or not.