Ask Talance Webinar: “Creating an Exceptional Resume”

Many people currently find themselves in search of a new position or considering relocation in their next step in their careers. Stemming from interest in our last webinar, the recruiters at Talance Group formed a new panel to conduct a live webinar in support of these job seekers during their application processes. 

Our first webinar, Best Practices In Preparing For Your Job Search, kick-started our conversation with a list of hiring tips and interview best practices. Just days after the event, we received so many positive responses from attendees that we decided to follow up with another webinar. Our follow-up webinar, Creating an Exceptional Resume, was created to help candidates make their resume stand out in an unpredictable economy. 

Craft A Resume That Stands Out 

The webinar was free to candidates seeking to learn best practices in resume writing from professional recruiters. In this webinar, the Talance team covered topics like: resume dos and don’ts, what hiring managers want, resume format, content creation, skills to include or exclude, and more! 

All Your Resume-Related Questions 

Writing a better resume will help you attract companies, and the Talance recruiters can boost your likelihood of landing an interview by giving you the inside scoop on resume-writing. Even if you did not attend the live event, it’s available here for the entire ATG community, we hope it helps! 

Send Out Your Resume, Consider Talance 

Our goal of the webinar is to provide candidates with a clear roadmap for resume writing. By creating a thoughtful resume you’ll be able to apply to jobs with confidence and land the interview. This is just the first step towards your success! 

If you are job-searching or have any questions about recruiters, recruiting, or working with us, give us a call at 713-357-9565. We want to give unbiased answers to your questions, whether we end up working together or not.

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