Ask Talance Webinar: “Life After Big 4 – An Insight to Industry”

Big 4 professionals often find themselves wondering what other opportunities might be out there. They want to know what their long-term career will look like; will they be stuck at the same level they are at for too long, what they should do in order to make partner, and what industries are hiring.

A few of us started our careers in Big 4 and we have plenty of advice, stories, and wisdom to share, so we created our third LIVE webinar, “Life After Big 4 – An Insight to Industry” to provide transparency and confidential insight.

Refreshing Advice for Big 4 Professionals

The webinar was free to Big 4 professionals seeking advice, answers, and industry insights from former Big 4 professionals. In this webinar, the Talance team covered topics including expected compensation, variety of roles, career progression, and resume insights, among others.

Deciding Whether to Stay or Leave

After placing over 1,000 Big 4 candidates into industry roles, we are experienced and familiar with the concerns and questions that arise as a professional decides whether to stay or leave their current Big 4 position. We answered common and crucial questions on the benefits of staying in Big 4, assessing when is the best time to leave, and evaluating competition in the job market. For those who did not attend the live event, we have made the recording available to our ATG community to help you as you navigate the next steps in your career.

At a Career Crossroad? Consider Talance

The goal of this, and all of, our webinars is to provide candidates with a clearer understanding of the industry. By understanding your options inside and outside of Big 4 you can navigate your career with confidence!

If you are job-searching or have any questions about Big 4, recruiters, recruiting or working with us, give us a call at 713-357-9565. We want to give unbiased answers to your questions, whether we end up working together or not.