How Can I Sell My Organization and Become a Top Place to Work?

At Talance Group, we are fortunate to engage with a number of great businesses and organizations. Our most successful clients, with the highest employee loyalty and lowest turnover, have a few key traits in common: They provide rotational opportunities and promote from within. Top performers generally want to be challenged, to know what’s expected of them, and to be rewarded for a job well done. To attract the talent you want, and keep them in your organization, invest in your employees by following these guidelines.


1. Get to Know the Candidate’s Goals

When interviewing a prospective employee, get to know what their goals are and show them how they can get there in your organization, providing examples of how you have helped others reach their own personal goals. Tell them that once they are hired, the two of you will put together a plan, including a strategy and timeline, and provide reasonable expectations for their career growth. Follow through with this promise once they are on board! Being proactive in supporting your employees’ goals is a valuable investment for companies seeking better retention of talent.


2. Provide Resources For Growth

A common reason employees leave a company within the first year is due to lack of training. Make sure you describe how you’ll get them up to speed as quickly as possible so they’re able to provide the value you’ve envisioned. The time investment in early training is mutually beneficial to companies and employees. When companies provide employees with training, development, and skill set expansion, they see consistently higher retention rates. When employees feel supported and nurtured in their careers by those who employ them, absenteeism drops, productivity soars, and they report overall higher job satisfaction.


3. Sell The Long-Term Growth of Your Company

Right now, security is a huge desire for candidates navigating the job market. People want to know they’re entering not only a position that has the potential for growth, but that they’re at a company that is also growing. When you’re interviewing potential employees, let them know the ways in which your company is growing and your plans for continued growth. You’ll attract a more dedicated worker who wants to be part of building success.


Partner with Talance

At Talance, we believe in empowering the business world through making placements that truly work for clients and candidates alike. We specialize in building lasting relationships, and strive to help our clients do the same. We invest in candidates you’ll want to invest in as well. Your success is our shared goal. For more information about our services, reach out to us today at

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