What Is the Job Market Like for Candidates?

After lying dormant for a year, the job market is springing back to life with numerous opportunities across accounting, finance, and information technology. Talance Group is here to discuss what candidates should expect, and how they can flourish in what is quickly becoming a candidate’s market.


1. Be Prepared

This is an exciting moment for candidates seeking new opportunities. After a period of job scarcity and layoffs, the market is zooming back with a vengeance. Even top recruiters are surprised by the surge of demand for high-quality finance, accounting, and IT professionals. With a tremendous amount of hiring activity taking place and people headed back to the office, now is the time for candidates to hop off the sofa, change out of the sweatpants, and brush up their resumes and interview skills. With a hot market comes hot competition, so it’s key to be proactive and ensure you’re doing what it takes to have your pick of the career smorgasbord.


2. Aim High

Demand for first-rate IT, financing and accounting talent is soaring among some of the world’s top companies. Recruiters are seeing the biggest influx of positions within accounting functions for Big 4 and Big 4/Industry Mix candidates. Candidates seeking careers with industry giants are finding themselves in a unique period of opportunity. Take advantage of this time! Do your research to know your worth and find ways to make your value known. If you don’t know where to start, ask a recruiter or someone else you trust.


3. Get Your Name Out There

As technology needs for companies continue to change and evolve, IT recruiters are seeing an uptick in clients seeking experienced candidates. As this market continues to pick up, it’s important to stay one jump ahead of the rest. IT recruiters have inside knowledge of the most sought-after roles and are uniquely positioned to get your name in front of the right people. This goes for more than just IT talent. The more a candidate gets their name in front of the best hiring teams, the greater the chances of landing in an ideal role with a great company.


Partner with Talance

At Talance Group, we know you’re more than just a cog in a machine. We believe in setting candidates up for long-term success. In a market flush with opportunities, we are poised to help you find the right fit to elevate your career. Our accounting and finance and IT recruiters take the time to understand candidates’ distinctive talents and needs and connect them with companies where they’ll flourish. Our #1 rule is always to do what is in the best interest of our clients and candidates; your success is our shared goal. Visit our website at talancegroup.com/contact-us to start searching today.

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