What’s the Candidate Market Like for Clients?

As we make our way into Q3, clients who have been dormant for some time are bouncing back, and seeking help to recruit top talent. As the candidate market heads into a “hot girl summer,” Talance Group offers insight on what clients should expect from the market and how to stay ahead of the curve.


1.   Be Proactive

The current candidate market is among the most competitive in history. From finance and accounting to information technology, there’s a huge demand for quality professionals. Hiring Managers are having increasingly difficult times getting the right people on board and engaging recruiters at a record rate. The prolonged downturn also decimated the recruiting industry, so there are fewer of them to service the increased demand. Don’t wait around for the right fit to find you. Be ready to compete hard for candidates as they have many more options. Make sure your interview process is streamlined to act quickly when you find the right person. Many searches have to start over because the company drags its feet and loses their top candidate.


2.   Retain the Talent You Have

Not only is it becoming harder to attract new candidates, but there is real competition for the employees you already have on staff. Other businesses in your industry are seeking new hires with demonstrated aptitude in their fields. Are you poised to keep your best and brightest? Studies have shown that employee empowerment is essential for making sure your top talent isn’t poached by competitors. The three keys to boosting retention are building trust, maintaining open communication, and offering professional development opportunities. Business relationships, like all others, are a two-way street. Be the best to keep the best. As competition heats up, expect salary expectations to increase as well.  Make sure you are paying your people a competitive salary.


3.   WFH is the New Buzzword

For candidates, the one good thing to come out of Covid is they have discovered they love WFH (working from home). If not seeking out a purely remote working situation, the vast majority of candidates now prefer more flexibility and are seeking more “hybrid” working environments where they can WFH a couple days per week.  Companies that don’t recognize this and dig in their heels about having their employees return to work 5 days a week are finding they are losing employees to companies that are more flexible with their work arrangements. This poses a significant challenge to many companies, but it looks like it might be the new norm.


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