Why Are Recruiter’s Fees So High?

Let’s be honest: placing the right candidate in your company can be difficult.

If the right person is identified and hired, the company gains an invaluable candidate who makes a direct contribution. However, if the wrong person is hired, the consequences are significant, financially, and otherwise.

While a recruiter’s fees might seem high, a recruiter makes the hiring process more efficient and effective. In the spirit of transparency, this is what you’ll gain by investing in a recruiter:


Save Time and Resources

If a company was able to successfully search for, source, and vet candidates that fit both the technical requirements of each open position as well as their fit within the company’s culture, a recruiter wouldn’t be necessary.

However, most companies don’t have the time or resources to source and place quality candidates; a career portal alone will not get you there. Employers often turn to recruiters either because they don’t have the internal resources to handle a recruitment drive or they don’t have the time to do it on top of their other responsibilities. Even if you have internal recruiting staff, they have to service all areas of the company and are not specialized in your particular function, nor do they have access to passive candidates.

Conversely, recruiters focus on one particular area of expertise and target candidates that are not looking at job ads online, this allows them to source a wider pool of candidates in a shorter amount of time. Because of the expertise in their particular niche, they also can identify specific technical strengths and quantifiable accomplishments that are specific to the job. This eliminates sifting through hundreds of resumes and allows the hiring manager to quickly identify candidates to interview.


Access to an Expansive Network

A company could use its network while searching for candidates, but it’ll be much more limited than a recruiter’s network. The job of a recruiter is to network all day, every day throughout their entire career. With such a large network that’s constantly growing, a recruiter can readily identify quality candidates to fill your next position, often within just a few days. Building such a network takes many years, which factors into a recruiter’s price tag.


Find a Long-Term Candidate

Good recruiters know that finding the right candidate goes beyond the job description. The candidate assessment process includes understanding the candidate’s push and pull factors, long-term goals, reasons for past job moves, determining culture fit, promotional potential, and a myriad of other “soft” focus points to ensure the likelihood of a good long-term hire. When a resume is sent to the company many of the initial questions about this being “the right candidate” are addressed upfront, providing the hiring manager with a foundation that allows for a quick transition to focus on things that are specific to the job or the corporate culture from the start.

This isn’t about a short-term fix. Everyone wins when the candidate thrives within your company. A recruiter’s reputation for placing solid long-term employees is one of the only value differentiators they have, so they always have an eye on the long game and leverage that reputation for repeat business with you down the road.


Create a Lasting Partnership

Beyond the time, resources, network, and expertise that recruiters provide, they are an investment in your company’s future. The more you work with a recruiter, the more streamlined each successive search becomes which saves even more time. Knowing you and your company so well, they become an extension of your HR and PR departments. Having an established relationship with a recruiter in the market who can be an advocate for your company is essential.

While a recruiter’s fee may seem high, the value they bring in both the short and long term can greatly outweigh this initial cost.


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