Why Do Recruiters Get a Bad Rap?

Unfortunately, there is such a negative impression of recruiters because many of them deserve it. Here we’ll discuss the main reasons for this perception and also explore the methods of recruiters who go about their business in the right way.

They Don’t Listen

This is the most common negative perception we hear from both candidates and hiring managers and it is simply due to the recruiter’s subpar talent and/or poor customer service skills. One can spend time telling the recruiter what they are looking for, what is important to them, and the recruiter comes back completely missing the mark, leaving a feeling that the prior conversation was a waste of time. Candidates will hear about jobs that they don’t want and hiring managers will receive resumes that don’t fit. Good recruiters will sometimes contact you about something that seems off from what was discussed but will have a good reason that is clearly explained. Clients appreciate this and many times a placement is made from it.

They Don’t Care

This is a harsher judgment for the more nefarious recruiters out there. Most recruiters are not out to deceive. If a candidate or hiring manager is unpleasantly surprised about something, it is often something outside the recruiter’s control or an honest mistake at the worst. There are some truly bad apples that only care about how they can make money off the backs of others and will withhold critical information or even tell a flat-out lie to get the result they want. Again, this type of recruiter is the exception rather than the rule, but being vigilant, asking probing questions, and verifying the information they tell you can usually smoke out something that smells fishy.

They Disappear

This perception can be either the result of poor customer service skills or simply the nature of the business. A good recruiter should respond to an email or phone call in a timely manner, a day or two at most. What one shouldn’t expect is a regular incoming “check-in” call from a recruiter. An experienced recruiter with several years of experience has hundreds of contacts, some needing help urgently and others that are more passively waiting for that ideal job or candidate. Touching base with all of these people on a regular basis would take all the recruiter’s time, which is the only commodity they have. They need to spend a large amount of their time doing what they are paid to do, which is to uncover great new jobs and candidates. It’s not beneficial to either side for the recruiter to call and say they don’t have anything that fits. You can bet that you’ll be the first person to hear from them when there is a potential match, and it’s always OK for you to make that “check-in” call.

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Happy Hunting!