Why Do Recruiters Push For A Quick Offer?

If you have experience working with recruiters, you may have noticed they will often push for a quick offer. While their pay is tied to placement, there are a number of reasons you may receive the infamous “push.” Many believe this “push” is based on securing a commission but that is not always the case as most firms do offer a candidate guarantee in the range of 30-90 days, so the commission is not always at the forefront of their mind.

Hard fact: The faster the offer is made to a candidate, the better chances you have of securing a talented employee. Below are a number of the reasons why recruiters often push for a quick offer:

Candidate Intrigue and Excitement 

Finding a new role can be an exciting time for candidates, but it can wear on them when the process takes too long or negotiations drag on needlessly. Recruiters want candidates to enter their new role full of energy and enthusiasm and the last thing you would want is a candidate worn out on their first day from a tiring, lengthy process or battling over a few thousand dollars. Plus, a candidate is more likely to be excited if they see how eager the client is to hire them—who wouldn’t want to work for a company that wants to hire you right away?! Companies that offer quickly often make the candidate feel valued and important, which can be a strong differentiator if they are considering multiple offers.

Game of Numbers 

As employers linger to provide offers to their top selection, the 2nd choice candidates are also waiting, which often means you run the risk of not only losing your top candidate but the runner-up as well. Good recruiters know there are only a limited number of candidates to fill your open role and if it takes too long to present an offer to your #1, the odds are the 2nd (and maybe even the 3rd) option may move on as well.

Lots of Options

Once you’ve met a candidate that impresses you, you are working against the clock because good candidates do not stay on the market long, regardless if they are active or passive. You should always operate from a mindset that several competitors are already aware of and talking to this particular candidate. Too many hiring managers are unpleasantly surprised that they have to start the search process over because they have an overly optimistic view that the candidate loves them the most and will still be around when they get around to making an offer. Even in an employer’s market, talented people are hard to find and you should recognize that and move quickly. This is the main reason recruiters push for a quick offer – the rule they live by holds true and is time-tested: TIME KILLS ALL DEALS!

Every business wants the same thing: great people—don’t make the mistake of thinking that other outside influences won’t affect a potential candidate while they wait for an offer.

If your recruiter is pushing for a quick offer it may mean they have insight on the candidate and know your window is closing fast, but it also comes from experience. Good recruiters know that ideal candidates don’t stick around for long because if they are smart and talented, there is a high probability they would not only fit in somewhere else but are actively being sought after.


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Happy Hunting!