Why Should A Client Meet With A Recruiter?

There is always a good reason to meet with a recruiter…even if you are not hiring. Typically, when a company is ready to make a new hire, and they haven’t used a recruiter before, they call up an agency and ask for some resumes. There is a better way! Building a relationship with a recruiter you trust can help produce stronger results and deliver a smooth, streamlined process.


Face-To-Face Benefit

Getting to know a recruiter in a personal meeting can help both sides build a solid foundation. Would you schedule a surgery without meeting your doctor or hire a lawyer without gaining some level of trust first? The same logic holds true here as your people are your most valuable asset. Recruiters have more credibility with a candidate when they can say they’ve met you in person and seen your environment first-hand. Plus, you can evaluate if this recruiter truly understands what a great candidate looks like for your organization.


Your Intangibles

There is so much more to your company than the service or product you provide. The company culture and work environment are huge considerations when you are trying to attract great people. Meeting with a recruiter before you start hiring can help paint a clear picture of who your company is from the inside out. If you are an extroverted group of professionals, then maybe an introverted accountant may not be the best fit. Your intangibles are also hard to fit into a job description, but once a recruiter can identify your differentiators, they can filter candidates accordingly so you aren’t using your valuable time interviewing people who wouldn’t fit.


Front-End Time Saves Back-End Costs

Believe it or not, a recruiter taking the time to understand your company before the hiring process begins can save you significant costs and time on the back-end. Many job searches start by just throwing a recruiter a job description and they start sending resumes.  This ends up costing you more time reviewing resumes that don’t fit and conducting interviews that could have been avoided had you taken the time in the beginning to give the recruiter a clear picture of what will and won’t work for you.


Recruiters Should Bring Value

A good recruiter will bring value to your search and company –especially when they are on the hunt for you. Your recruiter is also your PR firm and should also be able to speak intelligently about your company to others, including potential candidates. They often say, “the best candidates are the ones who are not looking”, and when a recruiter understands your company well, it provides confidence to these passive candidates that your recruiter is a true partner that is not going to push for a placement that doesn’t fit.


Give A Recruiter A Shot

You have nothing to lose meeting with a recruiter in-person before hiring. If anything, you can receive insight into the market and maybe even learn a little about your own company! When a recruiter comes out to meet with you, they have two main objectives.  First, they want a solid understanding of what you want and more importantly, what you need.  Next, they want to know the best selling points about the position, the company, and working for you.  They are the ones talking to the candidates, not you, so it’s in your best interest to give them all the ammo they need to attract your next superstar.  So…take the leap and have a meeting with a recruiter to discuss your company and who you may need in the future, you won’t regret it! If you have questions about this article or recruiters in general, please don’t hesitate to contact the Talance Group at 713-357-9565.