Why Should I Use a Recruiter?

As we continue to experience a hot and competitive job market, candidates are eager to set themselves apart from the competition and snag exciting opportunities. Job searches are challenging, though, and many talented people don’t have the time to scour job boards to find the perfect fit for their career. Using a recruiter is a great way to gain access to opportunities you may otherwise miss. Here’s what the hiring professionals at Talance Group have to say about the benefits of choosing to work with a recruiter on your job search.


1.   Take Advantage of Free Service

Recruiting services are generally free for candidates. There aren’t many industries where people are able to take advantage of expertise, experience, and results without paying a premium. This is especially beneficial for candidates who have been un- or underemployed during the last year and a half. The cost benefit is also helpful for people currently working but who may be interested in a more exciting opportunity should one arise. A free, passive job search can be a great way to advance your career.


2.   Gain Key Insight into Companies

Recruiters dedicate time to learning about the companies who use them for talent acquisition. They gain key insights into the job itself, the people, the company culture and they are able to pass that information on to candidates to help tailor their job search and ensure that a position reflects their needs and goals. Recruiters are able to field questions that candidates may not feel comfortable posing directly to employers, and they can offer guidance. With a vested interest in both client and candidate success, recruiters use their knowledge and connections to ensure better fitting placements.


3.   Save Time

Most people don’t have the time, or maybe even the interest, to dedicate hours to searching job boards. Recruiters learn a candidate’s skills, experience, goals, and personality and leverage that information to find opportunities with compatible companies. They do the heavy lifting, while candidates are able to remain focused on their current work and life obligations. For candidates who are content in their current positions, but open to new career opportunities, working with a recruiter enables them to engage in a strong, passive job search.


Partner with Talance

At Talance Group, our recruiters are dedicated to using their experience, connections, market knowledge and professional insight to build positive and lasting relationships between candidates and their clients. We offer important guidance to our candidates to help them better market themselves and prepare for interviews and negotiations. For the recruiters at Talance Group, our success is measured by the success of our candidates and clients. Empower your career by choosing Talance Group for your next job search. For information about our recruiting services, reach out to us today at talancegroup.com/contact-us.

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