Why Should I Use An Interim Hire?

Interim help definitely comes with a stereotype: expensive and not committed. Many employers don’t see the point in spending the time or money to hire an interim employee because of their short tenure. While temporary hires may leave quickly, they play an important role and shouldn’t be counted out. From supporting existing employees to helping attract new candidates, here is why you should consider interim hire while looking for a full-time employee:


The Work Doesn’t Leave With The Employee

Your business won’t stop just because you are short-staffed. If there is an open position, that means there is work that still needs to get done. Overloading someone is never a pretty sight and it could lead to poor work quality or crucial tasks slipping through the cracks. It’s no mystery that extended vacancies in your workforce places a noticeable strain on your current productivity and workforce, but most don’t consider that if it isn’t corrected quickly, it could lead to more unwanted job openings.

Plus, qualified interim help should require minimal training to help you cope with the workload left behind and allow you to focus on finding an ideal long-term candidate without giving your employees extra work. Key message here: the work will not stop when someone leaves and finding a way to maintain efficiency and productivity is crucial for most businesses today.


Chaos Won’t Attract Quality

You wouldn’t move into an apartment that was just hit by a tornado would you? High-caliber candidates will look at your job posting the same way. Spending the first months of a job performing clean-up is not an ideal onboarding experience. So, hiring a talented, interim candidate to manage the position can help you find, secure and keep a long-term fit. And hey, maybe you will want to convert that interim hire into a permanent position — this happens all the time as well!

Transition times with new candidates should be on the front of your mind when you are looking for someone new. An interim professional can keep up with tasks so when your all-star finally walks in the door on their first day, it doesn’t appear like they are down by 50 with 1 minute left in the 4th quarter. Giving your open positions the attention they deserve shows that your company is a serious, worthwhile employer.


Hire The Right Way

Just breathe! An opening in your workforce doesn’t have to look like a fire drill. In order to build a team that operates efficiently and creates a desirable work environment, you need to put time into looking for your new hire. However this doesn’t mean your company has to slow down. Good interim candidates are highly skilled professionals that can come in on short notice and pick up a project right where it was left off. With the open position covered, you can spend the time necessary to vet and select someone who truly fits the company, not just another job opening waiting to happen. Again, who knows…while using interim hire, you may find a quality in that employee that you didn’t know you were looking for.


Finding That Perfect Interim Hire

You are absolutely encouraged to take your time finding the next permanent employee, but when you need help in the short-term, time is of the essence. Using a recruiter to plug a leak while they search for your next permanent placement is often recommended. Good recruiters will have a bullpen full of great interim consultants or candidates that are ready to step in at moment’s notice. These people are experienced professionals that are trained well and know how to get moving quickly. If you are anticipating a vacancy, do your best to get out in front of it right away and let your recruiter know–they may even have a permanent solution in their roster currently. Asking for some help right away can alleviate any current or future strain you may have.


Don’t Be Short-Sighted

There can be a mindset that with interim hires, the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. Yes, these workers aren’t around for long, but look at the positives first. Keeping your workload under control and maintaining efficiency is nothing to be scoffed at. Instead of looking at the short-term costs, consider the long-term benefits of not falling behind. Leveraging interim hires to help you execute a smooth transition between finding and onboarding your new team member.

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