Why Won’t My Recruiter Share the Salary Range?

At Talance Group, our teams of specialized recruiters work with top companies to provide exciting placements for talented Finance & Accounting and IT professionals. We work closely with candidates to assess their needs and goals, and provide resources and guidance to help improve their career search. A common question our recruiters are asked is “why won’t you share a salary range?” Keep reading to understand why recruiters refrain from sharing salary ranges with candidates. 


1. Don’t Get Stuck on Numbers

When recruiters share a salary range, most people become fixated on the top number. It’s human nature! However, this sets up an expectation that may not be in line with the hiring manager when it comes to your experience and background. Fielding an offer that is at the middle to lower end of your expected salary range can be disheartening, leading to a candidate passing up an opportunity that could serve them well and provide meaningful growth in their career. 


2. Don’t Trust the Numbers

Sometimes salary ranges are shared directly by hiring managers and are fairly spot-on for what a candidate can expect for an offer. But often, those numbers are ballpark estimates based on past placements or set ranges from an outdated company policy. Many times, a company has zero intention of making an offer at the top of their range, so that top number is meaningless at best and misleading at worst. Because of this, recruiters don’t trust salary ranges provided to them, but use it more as a ballpark target. A good recruiter determines first if the opportunity is a good potential fit for both sides, then decides if there is a strong chance that the company can make an offer based on what you want. When using a recruiting service for your job search, the recruiter wants to make sure you are set up for success. That means accurately communicating and managing expectations on all sides throughout the hiring process. When it comes to salary information, the only accurate number is the one included on your offer. From there, you can either accept, reject, or negotiate.


3. Trust Your Recruiter

A good recruiter prioritizes the success of both their clients and candidates. When working with a recruiter, share your salary expectations early on as well as what your current salary is. Do your homework to know you are working with a highly recommended recruiter who can be trusted. Once you find that contact, rest assured he/she will work in your best interest to provide opportunities that will line up with your needs. A good recruiter always wants to get you the best offer possible, but not so high that the hiring manager moves on to their second-choice candidate. Remember to look at each opportunity as a whole (skill development, career progression, work/life balance, etc.) and follow your recruiter’s advice on negotiating once an offer has been made. 


Find Your Recruiter at Talance

At Talance Group, making sure our candidates are set up for success is an essential part of our recruiting philosophy. Talance Group recruiters work with you to ensure you find the right opportunity to grow your career. We listen to your short-term wants, long-term goals, and leverage our network to find the right placement for your talent to shine. Our recruiters always keep the human element in the recruiting equation, working to ensure all parties’ needs are met, if not exceeded, with integrity, honesty and care. To begin working with a recruiter today, contact us at talancegroup.com/contact-us

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