Ask Talance Group: How Important Is Experience In Your Recruiter?

Ask Talance Group: How Important is Experience In Your Recruiter?

Recruiting is no different than other professions—the more experience you have, the better you are. While there are some outliers, experience plays a fundamental role in what you can expect from a recruiter.


Experienced recruiters often have an extensive network they can call on when a candidate or job opens up. Their in-depth knowledge of the market and their deep network is often cultivated through years of experience. It’s basic math—the more time they have to meet people, the larger pool of resources they will have to use for you.

Ask Talance Group: Are Contingency Fees Negotiable?

Ask Talance Group: Are Contingency Fees Negotiable?

Pricing and fees—it’s a love hate relationship. Is pricing negotiable? Short answer: yes, it is, but there are some variables to consider.

Yes or No, Is Pricing Negotiable?

Yes!! Pricing is negotiable, but that doesn’t mean either side is open to negotiating. Some recruiting firms put their foot down when it comes to fees and the same is true for client salary offers…but more often than not, you can negotiate.

Ask Talance Group: Can I Expect A Raise At A New Job/Position?

Ask Talance Group: Can I Expect A Raise At A New Job/Position?

When professionals move to a new position (both internally and externally) it is safe to expect a raise. However, there are instances when individuals are simply seeking a change of venue and are open to a new position without an increase in pay. The potential increase in compensation is often determined by a number of variables:

Ask Talance Group: Why Should We Use A Recruiter?

Ask the Talance Group question series

In the ATG series, our staff at Talance Group answers questions that other recruiters tend to avoid, to aid in transparently guiding clients and candidates to successful professional partnerships.


You’ve used up all your bullets

The most common situation that a recruiter is sought out is when your usual sources of candidates are not getting you the resumes you want. Whether your HR team is falling short or your job posting is not capturing the right background, it might be time to call the expert.

Ask Talance Group: Why Is It Hard To Fill a Position?



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