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The recruiting industry is like no other. In all other transactions, only one party needs to be comfortable with their decision. In a hiring situation, the company can be completely sold on the candidate, but if the candidate doesn’t feel the same, there is no deal. Dealing with the human element successfully on both sides is what separates a great search firm from the rest of the pack, and that starts with making sure the candidate is set up for success.

At Talance, we look out for the interests of both our clients and the needs of our candidates.

Resume Writing

Content is what makes a resume stand out – not fancy formatting or flowery words. Make sure you’re keeping it clear and simple for the reader.

A recruiter at Talance Group marks up a resume
Two Talance Group employees have a conversation in the office

Interview Preparation

The interview process is highly flawed and hasn’t changed in years. Ask transition questions to understand the interviewer’s needs to maximize the limited time you have.


How can you get the highest offer without shooting too high and losing the opportunity? Get educated or get a trusted recruiter.

Conversation between three Talance Group recruiters
Rachel Fogg, employee at Talance Group

Career Counseling

There are lots of career decisions you make beyond taking a new job. Making the right calls at various junctures along your career path will keep you on track with your long term plan.

Market Knowledge

It’s easier to make a career decision when you feel like you fully understand your options. This includes knowing who is hiring and what is currently in demand.

Doug Hubbard, Founder of Talance Group

Been There Seen That

Believe it or not, some of these interview mistakes are more common than you think. The Talance Group is experienced about what not to wear to an interview, because we’ve been there and seen that.

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