As a candidate working with The Talance Group, our goal is to have you experience a refreshing change from your prior experiences with recruiters. Whether you are a CFO or CIO candidate for a retained search, an staff/analyst level professional at the beginning your career, or a contractor on one of our clients’ projects, you will receive the highest level of professional customer service.

We have listened to the frustrations our candidates have shared when working with recruiters, and they are the same at any level: lack of responsiveness, little or no feedback, not feeling listened to, only looking out for the client company’s interests and not yours, and the overall feeling that getting the fees are more important than helping you further your career. They basically feel like a commodity.

The Talance Group recognizes and embraces this unique attribute of our industry that is unlike any other. Namely, that for each placement, we are dealing with human beings on both sides of the transaction and must successfully close two sales. While our company customer must be satisfied with one product (the candidate), our candidate customer must be equally satisfied with a completely different product (the position). We know that we must look out for the interests of both sides in order to have a successful placement, and this must include catering to the needs of our candidate.