To most people, interviewing is a very stressful experience. But do you know who is even more stressed about it? THE HIRING MANAGER! That’s right – maybe not so much during the interview process, but certainly so when it comes time to make a hiring decision. They know that a bad hiring mistake can make them work twice as hard, ruin a department or even get them fired!

The Talance Group understands that this somewhat “paranoid” state of mind coupled with the fact that most hiring managers are never trained how to conduct an interview makes the traditional interview process a highly flawed tool for evaluating candidates.

We can provide coaching to you, the candidate, which helps you completely remove this fear from the hiring manager’s mind and bypass many of the typical canned questions that can bog down an interview. Ours is a very simple, logical approach boiled down to two pro-active questions. The result is a true business conversation about the critical aspects of the job instead of the guessing game that many interviews become.