The Talance Group recognizes that a successful recruiter must be an excellent networker, spending countless hours talking with both candidates that are interested in other opportunities and hiring managers that are interested in candidates.

This gives you, the candidate, the ability to leverage our time to your advantage. We can provide invaluable market knowledge at no cost to you, including:

Compensation – We can share what others with similar backgrounds to you are earning as well as pay trends, such as companies’ willingness to pay sign-on bonuses, spot bonuses or award restricted stock grants.

Specialized Skills – We can tell you what types of skills and experience are earning top dollars in the current market, and where you need to concentrate future training to get where you want to be. We can also provide advice on the risks and rewards of following your current career plan, and how your current skills are valued by companies seeking talent.

Specific companies and managers – You can take a job with the best company in town but still be miserable if your direct supervisor is an autocrat or hides behind his/her door all day. On the flip side, a company may have a bad reputation but has taken the needed step of hiring a superstar manager to turn things around, changing the whole outlook of the opportunity. The Talance Group knows a tremendous amount of players in the market and can share the histories and reputations of many specific companies and managers. Refreshingly, if we do not have specific knowledge, we will tell you!