There are very few people who are supremely confident about negotiating their own compensation, and many that are confident tend to negotiate themselves right out of the opportunity they wanted! When one only changes jobs a handful of times over the span of a career, it is very understandable to be unsure.

The Talance Group has successfully negotiated hundreds of offers that leave both the candidate and hiring manager feeling good about themselves. We understand that both sides have a high emotional investment in the deal and that both sides must be happy for there to be any deal at all.

Our difference is the approach we take. We are your partner and keep you informed every step of the way – deciding the next step together instead of dictating what you should do. We paint a picture of the thought process going on the other side of the table and communicate the risks involved in each possible action so that any risks taken are calculated risks.

Lastly, we have found it much easier to negotiate BEFORE a formal offer is made – neither side is too entrenched yet. The vast majority of our offers are merely formalities because both sides have already agreed on the package – this process removes much of the stress and risk of rejection that everyone would rather avoid.