A well-composed resume will have the hiring manager thinking positively about you before you enter the door. The resume’s objective is to separate you enough from the rest of your competition to pique the company’s curiosity and make them want to invite you in for an interview. While impressive educational and experiential backgrounds are a factor, the best way to create this separation is through achievements.

The vast majority of candidates seem to cut and paste their job descriptions into their resume. While this informs the resume reviewer what your duties were, they do not say anything about how well you performed these duties. Every candidate on the planet has duties, but many do not do them very well. This is the skepticism a hiring manager experiences while poring through resumes.

What a hiring manager wants to see are FACTS about your ACHIEVEMENTS. Did you bring about any positive changes that can be quantified in terms of money or time? Were you recognized by management in terms of promotional opportunities, awards, special projects? Powerful bullets on your resume will showcase your initiative as a pro-active employee and we are experts in helping you create them.