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Your most effective relationship with a recruiter is realized when they become a true extension of you, your department and your company. Since they are the front line of communication between you and the market, you will get the best results when your recruiter understands the “Why?” behind the “What” that you are looking for and can act as a true partner in overcoming common challenges that hiring managers face.

At Talance, we focus on delivering the highest level of quality service and finding the right fit for you.

Client negotiation with The Talance Group

Needs Assessment

Avoid starting off on the wrong foot on the new position you are hiring for. Make sure you are focusing on the work you NEED to be performed versus what you WANT to see on the resume.


Would you like your hiring success rate to increase 50%? Focus on what you want accomplished and steer clear of any vague questions.

Talance Finance and Accounting recruiters Interviewing candidates
Talance IT Recruiter talks with Houston client


Best to start negotiating at the beginning of the interview process, not the end. You’ll avoid most unpleasant surprises by talking money early and often.

Market Knowledge

It’s much easier to conduct a search when you have a solid understanding of what you can get at what price.  Even better if you’re aware how your company and opportunity compares to others.

Market knowledge from The Talance Group.
Employee retention tips for Houston companies

Employee Retention

Are you winning or losing in the ongoing war for talent? Hiring a great new employee is only half the battle, holding on to them is a completely different challenge.

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