The job market is constantly shifting, both on a micro and macro level. The current difficulty in attracting top talent is likely to continue for many years due to the impending retirements of millions of Baby Boomers and the increasing demand for professional knowledge workers.

Most people do not feel the same loyalty to a company as in the past, mainly because they feel companies are no longer loyal to their employees. If they do feel loyalty, it is usually to their team or their boss.

Modern companies have come to realize that they must take steps to provide excellent opportunities to attract top candidates, but have not taken the same steps to ensure that this talent does not walk out the door after a year or two.

The Talance Group can share with you the top reasons people change jobs and what they look for both as a candidate AND as an established employee. Our conversations with candidates give us incredible insight as to why they are unhappy or unfulfilled and what it would take to keep them.