If you have been operating in a hiring capacity for very long, you may agree that the traditional interview process can produce erratic results. The most obvious example is a candidate who interviews fantastically well but never lives up to the potential you saw in the interview. Vice versa, there are also candidates who give a ho-hum performance in the interview but exceed all expectations when on the job.

Why does this happen? Because interview skills often do not translate to job skills – one’s ability to GET the job has little to do with one’s ability to DO the job. The Talance Group can help improve your interviewing effectiveness by focusing on two areas: performance objectives and interview questions.

As described in the prior section “Needs Assessment”, determining what specific tasks you want accomplished provides more clarity when evaluating past performance. For example, you may WANT someone with good communication skills, but you really NEED someone who can successfully present financial results to your executive management team and sell the value of your department’s objectives to other areas of the organization.

You can then ask interview questions that focus specifically on this objective. Describing your objective to the candidate and then asking more probing interview questions such as “Please describe a time you have accomplished something similar to this” or “How would you go about accomplishing that?” gets you in a more meaningful conversation. Finally, asking for additional layers of detail behind these questions will smoke out the non-performers and uncover the superstars.