Have you ever had an offer rejected by a candidate and had no idea of the reason behind it? Would you find it helpful to know how the candidate will answer BEFORE a formal offer is made?

When working with The Talance Group, this insider’s knowledge is one of the benefits you receive. Our process is designed to reduce this level of uncertainty completely – on BOTH sides of the table. We have learned over the years that skillfully managing salary expectations with preliminary money discussions during each step of the hiring process (vs. waiting until the end) yield several positive outcomes :

  • By the time the formal offer is made, both sides have already reached agreement
  • No having to go back to HR, compensation committee or executive management for additional approvals
  • Rejected offers are very rare, because you can choose to simply not make an offer that you know the candidate plans on rejecting
  • If you choose to make the offer anyway, the outcome will not be a surprise

The Talance Group understands that for any offer to be accepted, BOTH sides must be happy with the outcome or the result can be no deal or a shaky deal. A win/win situation is always our goal.