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Don’t Be Humble! How To Market Your Skills To Get the Job You Want

In our day-to-day lives, being humble is a trait many find virtuous. But when it comes to a job hunt, candidates must showcase what makes us stand out to draw the attention of employers. Knowing how to market your professional skills confidently is essential to landing the right job and moving your career forward. Take advantage of the hot job market of today and better showcase your talent by following this simple advance from the hiring professionals at Talance Group. 


1. Become a LinkedIn Pro

Since its launch in 2003, LinkedIn has become the professional hub of the internet. Recruiters and employers alike rely on the network to source and verify qualified candidates. Mastering LinkedIn is essential for effective professional self promotion. Include more content on your job history than just a title. Think of it as a webpage where hiring managers and recruiters can find you using keywords from your past experience that will bring up your profile for the type of job you want. This should be a much more abbreviated version of your resume, and one that lists at least a couple of impressive, quantifiable achievements as those are always valuable to hiring managers. Stay active on the site by regularly updating your profile and adding connections to your network. The more people you are connected to, the more visible your profile will be to others. Try to connect with people who typically hire people like yourself or work at companies that do. Keep in mind that sending a personal message is much more likely to get a connection than just a standard connection request.


2. Showcase Your Soft Skills

Soft skills are often overlooked by candidates, but are essential in marketing yourself to potential employers. According to a recent study by the Society For Human Resource Management, soft skills like “reliability,” “integrity,” “respect,” and “teamwork” were among the most important skills hiring managers look for in new hires. It’s important to recognize these qualities within yourself and own how you’ve used them to serve your teams and employers in the past. When showcasing your soft skills, don’t simply bullet point them. Provide concrete examples of how you’ve employed them. Be concise but clear with easy-to-grasp contexts that demonstrate your soft skills in action. By sharing your soft skills, you also help recruiters gain insight into what you bring to company culture and better equip them to make placements where you’ll thrive. 


3. Back Up Your Experience with Numbers

When reviewing resumes, hiring managers and recruiters are drawn to clear demonstrations of achievement. When listing your past work experience, gain a competitive edge by quantifying the value you’ve brought to employers. For example, if you have experience in fundraising, note specifically how much money you raised, how much you increased donations, and how many new donors you brought on board. If you have developed software that reduced user errors, include the rate at which those errors fell. If your work directly impacted revenue, detail what you did and how much revenue grew in relation to that. Numbers tend to stick out in the minds of employers, who are interested in seeing how their investment in an employee will better their business. 


Partner with Talance

Job searches can be challenging, but by equipping yourself with self-marketing skills and a quality team to support you, you can achieve your goals. At Talance Group, we take pride in helping candidates find positions that will positively impact their careers. Our Accounting, Finance and IT recruiters will listen to your career goals, help you to better market your talents and skills, and connect you with top companies so you can find a job you’ll love. Embark on your career advancement today by reaching out to the recruiters at Talance at talancegroup.com/contact-us.

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