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Everyone Needs a Team

Everyone Needs a Team

By Rachel Fogg 

There’s a seat for everyone. Just because you weren’t successful in one role, doesn’t mean you can’t be successful in another role. After all, a single person can’t be good or successful at everything. It takes a team. It can be tempting to wear as many hats as possible, especially if you’re pretty good at a variety of duties. But no one, including you, wants someone who is pretty good at a few jobs, you want someone who is great at their job

If you’re an incredible salesperson who hates inputting expense reports, work with someone who enjoys and thrives while inputting data. Now, you’re part of a functioning team with two people and two different skill sets. 

Of course, going outside of your comfort zone is good and helps you grow sometimes. But no, you do not have to do things you’re bad at to be a successful person. Figure out what you’re good at and what you like doing, then pursue your strengths on a team that you complement. The real secret of successful people is that they are on successful teams.

Rachel Fogg, Partner

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