While these are common roles, we fill all across the spectrum. Most are passive who are content but would like us to keep an eye out for ideal matching opportunities.

This is not a guarantee. There are quite few candidates that are passively looking, but it’s a proven significant advantage over those who wait to apply when a job opens.

“Out of sight, Out of mind” may be cliché, but it holds true in this industry with the sheer amount of candidates in the Houston market. This will help to ensure your resume is at the top of the applicants and will receive the attention it deserves.  

If you'd like to hear about any of the roles listed below, complete the "Apply Now" boxes on the right, select the job role and add any comments you think might be helpful. If you'd like to hear about any role that is not listed, simply upload your resume or LinkedIn profile and describe your specific areas of interest.


  • Accounting degree with 10-20 years accounting experience
  • Big 4 or other public accounting almost always required (unless divisional controller)
  • Minimum 3-7 years supervisory experience managing a G/L team
  • Career progression and tenure – at least 3-5 years tenure in past roles with multiple promotions
  • Demonstrated accomplishments in GAAP accounting and financial reporting

Financial Analyst

  • Finance degree/MBA or Accounting degree with Big 4 Audit/Transaction Services
  • 2-7 years experience, with at least 2 years in a purely analytical role (non-accounting/reporting)
  • Demonstrated accomplishments in operations/financial analysis or financial modeling
  • Solid tenure and career progression
  • Solid communication skills in order to present complex financial concepts

Accounting Manager

  • Accounting degree with 5-10 years accounting experience
  • Big 4 or other public accounting always a plus
  • Minimum 1-2 years supervisory experience
  • Career progression – promoted to a supervisory role within the same company ideally
  • Solid tenure – no job hopper

Senior Accountant

  • Accounting degree with 1-5 years experience – corporate and/or operations
  • Big 4 or other public accounting always a plus
  • Demonstrated understanding of GAAP accounting
  • Strong tenure; any promotions always a plus
  • Resume highlights accomplishments; not just list of responsibilities