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Help Me, Help You

Help Me, Help You

By Deana Fuhr

As a partner at TalanceGroup, I work with clients to provide resources that help them build a strong, talented, and professional staff. No matter where your company is at with hiring–looking or not–I can help you. I listen closely to you so I can learn about your company, the industry, and its people. The better I understand your company’s culture, the better equipped we are to move quickly when a hiring need arises. 

It’s my job to help connect your company with great recruiters who can find you the talent that aligns with your company goals and aspirations. To make these processes effective and efficient, I ask all clients to be transparent and vulnerable with me, especially during the initial conversations. While a candid conversation about your company can feel like pulling teeth at times it almost always pays off in the end. If you’re honest about your company’s culture, nuances, strengths, and weaknesses, we’re better equipped to move quickly when a hiring need arises. 

Even if your team is full it’s important to establish a relationship with someone like me so when unforeseen hiring needs arise, you’re prepared. Instead of hiring someone under pressure, you can bring in the right people with my help. It’s more important for me to understand your landscape of opportunities so I can help you make the right decisions. You won’t lose anything by being honest with me, but you will lose a lot if you aren’t.

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