The Winning HR Partnership with Talance Group

The Winning HR Partnership.

Finding the Future Leaders of Your Company.

Talance Group has a track record of finding the top 10% of performers – many of which have long tenure in their current company.

We identify the skills and behaviors of successful HR candidates and screen for those characteristics during recruiting to ensure we’ve found the right fit.

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Our areas of focus include:

  • HR Executive Leadership
  • Compensation and Total Rewards
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Organizational Planning
  • HRIS
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Training & Development
  • HR M&A Integration

We value the HR partnership and their contribution to the organization, which is apparent in our results including:

  • Continued candidate relationships post placement with a focus on the long-term
  • A 98% close rate on having candidates accept an offer
  • Exceptionally high repeat client business

Our Approach

We listen to the needs of our clients, and place focus on our long-term relationship with them instead of filling a position quickly. Our vetting process is detailed, personal and includes:

For Candidates:

  • Naming career goals
  • Diving into behavioral and key achievements
  • Finding the right opportunity instead of a short-term placement
For Clients:

  • Digging into pain points
  • Identifying the ideal candidate traits
  • Creating compelling points for why a top candidate would join their company

Our #1 rule is always do what is in the best interest of our clients and candidates; your success is our shared goal.