Life After Big 4

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At a Career Crossroad?

Let Talance Help You Transition From Big 4

As a Big 4 professional you’re the gold standard, and you’ve accomplished a lot in your career already – but you might be wondering, “What’s next?”

Are you planning on becoming a partner? If not, you should start your career search now. By understanding your options inside and outside of Big 4 you can navigate your career with confidence.[/vc_column_text][cpl_btn text=”Begin Your Search” type=”circle_arrow” header=”Begin Your Search” id=”begin-your-search”]

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Turn Your Big 4 Experience into a Dream Position

Many of us started our careers in Big 4 and faced the same crossroad that you’re facing now. We have placed over 1,000 Big 4 candidates into industry roles over the years and understand your concerns about making such a move, even if it’s not in your immediate plans. Our team works with you to consider your future career and answer your questions like:

After years of transitioning Big 4 candidates to other industry roles, we know that hiring managers love seeing Big 4 experience on a candidate’s resume. Even more so, employers love when a resume lands on their desk for an accountant who left Big 4 and subsequently developed hands-on experience in an industry setting.

Talance Group can help you leverage your Big 4 experience and transition out of public accounting into your dream position.[/vc_column_text][cpl_btn text=”Work With Us” type=”circle_arrow” header=”Work With Us” id=”send-us-your-resume”]

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