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Modern Etiquette for Professional Candidates

As the job market, hiring process – and let’s face it, the world – have changed over the past few years, candidates are stepping into largely unfamiliar territory. What is classified as “professional” has shifted some, and the definition might depend on your employer. However, there are thankfully several guidelines today’s applicants and early-career professionals would be wise to follow in the process of finding and acquiring the right job. From our experience, here are some key details to keep in mind.


Hone Your Writing Skills

As people spend less time in-person and more time working remotely, the power of email, Slack, and text communication has never been more significant. As a candidate in today’s professional landscape, resist the urge to slide into lazy writing habits. Proper grammar, punctuation, and idea generation can boost your chances of making a positive impression. In fact, those that can clearly articulate their views and provide concise commentary will often rise to top-of-mind for more senior executives. In a world of screens, be an individual who can cut through the monotony and poorly-worded communications.


A job candidate sits in a waiting room as she was instructed by Talance Group recruiters to arrive early to her interview.

Show Up On Time

You would be amazed how punctuality can work in your favor over the course of your career. Realistically, it is more likely that your colleagues’ lack thereof will work against them, leaving you unscathed, but the result is the same. Avoid the slippery slope of showing up even a minute or two late; over time, your comfort with being 5, 10, or 20 minutes late may develop without you even noticing. To every call, appointment, and deadline, be at least a couple of minutes early. It’s a simple ask, but it can make a meaningful difference.


Pay Attention to Details

As Gen-Z enters the workforce, the population as a whole is taking a small step backward when it comes to social interactions and awareness. As a business professional, paying specific attention to the details of these interactions will not only help you become known as a careful and diligent individual, but can also help you forge stronger relationships.

Names, for example, are extremely important. When you meet a new colleague or potential employer, listen closely during your first few conversations. Take a mental note of how they pronounce their name, as well as the names of any important individuals such as their spouse or their manager. Asking about a family member in your next conversation is a simple but powerful gesture. When engaging in email communication, always address someone the same way they signed their previous email (pay attention to spelling!).

In a more general sense, being able to gauge what might be a sore subject in conversation, or what interests or hobbies are expressed, can help you form a better picture of this individual as a whole. The more relatable and genuinely interested you are, the stronger the bond will be.


A man maintains eye contact during an interview as advised by Talance Group recruiters

Make Solid Eye Contact

One of the simplest ways to be professional in today’s market is to make relaxed, consistent eye contact. When asked a question, especially in a closed-door setting, relay your answer directly to the person without letting your eyes dart around the room. This is especially important when the other person is speaking. Be attentive, interested, and truly listen to what is being said. You’ll be glad you did.


Take Care of Yourself

Sleep. Drink water. Eat well. Exercise. Groom yourself properly. Read books. Take care of your friendships and family. Not only will you look better, you will feel better as well. Investing some time in yourself to make sure your life is firing on all cylinders will be worth it. You will be more confident, happy, and make lasting impressions everywhere you go. While what is acceptable in the workplace might change depending on your industry, these pointers will never go out of style.


Boost Your Career with the Right Partners

Navigating the job marketplace can be tricky on your own. At Talance Group, we focus on building long-term relationships with the candidates we source. Our number one rule is always to do what is in your best interest, because we want to see your career blossom and thrive. Visit our website at talancegroup.com/contact-us to start a conversation with a qualified recruiter today and take the next step in your career.

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