About Talance

We strive to be the best search firm you have ever worked with, whether you are a candidate or a hiring manager. The approach is simple: we listen to our customers’ needs & focus on developing a long-term relationship, instead of filling a job to get a fee. When our recommendations are in the best interests of our clients and candidates, repeat business and referrals always follow.

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Talance = Talent + Balance


The importance of Talent is obvious: it is universally agreed to be the most important asset in any company and it allows a person possessing it to perform the most difficult tasks almost effortlessly. It is what we are constantly searching for.


Balance is the cornerstone of an excellent search firm. The search process can become unstable and ultimately halted by opposing forces that only an experienced search consultant can navigate:

  • A candidate’s skills must meet the company’s expectations AND the company must provide what the candidate desires. Both MUST be present to ensure long-term benefit for all involved.
  • A perfect match can always be found, but it is usually at the expense of time, of which there is a limited amount.
  • The customer is always right, except when they are about to lose the top candidate.
  • Candidates can agonize endlessly about a decision, but indecision can make the choice for them resulting in a lost opportunity.
Conversation between three Talance Group recruiters

There are countless ways a good match can become derailed; only an experienced search consultant that understands BALANCE can guide it successfully to the end.