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Talance Contract has decades of combined finance, accounting and IT experience in the Houston market. We will help outline your project and scope to save time, money and stress. Talance Contract can help find the perfect contractor or team for your project.

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Why You Need A Contractor

Our Philosophy: No Surprises
Our candidates are thoroughly vetted up front for the specific needs of our clients. We personally meet every contractor before our client sees a resume and complete our due diligence so the candidate is ready to start at a moment’s notice. We work together with our clients to identify a workable budget and present the best candidates in that price range. If we feel the budget does not fit the experience required, we work that out with you in the beginning so that no time is wasted.
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Houston Jobs
Our Model: Up Front Pricing
While we recruit out of the same candidate pool as “bench model” firms and offer full benefits to our contractors, we do not retain them when they are not working. This means that you will not be charged a blended and/or project rate designed to recoup the costs of unassigned contractors. Each consultant’s bill rate is disclosed in the beginning along with the resume and invoiced only at an agreed hourly rate, so that you will know that cost up front before an interview ever takes place. Our model also allows our clients the ability to hire on a contractor permanently if desired, without fear of an astronomical fee to do so. In the end, we are usually not the cheapest nor most expensive, but our business model ensures that you are getting value for quality help.
Our Contractors: Mutual Respect
We are often asked by our clients how we are able to retain the same contractors for years and send them to multiple projects without keeping them on salary. To us, it’s simple. We build great relationships by being honest with our contractors about the pros/cons of each project and ask for their honesty and commitment in return. We demonstrate our own commitment to them by listening to what they really want and providing coaching before, during and after a project. In return, they reward us with their loyalty and many eventually become future clients.
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