Julie Jones

Director of Administration


Julie Jones


Julie is a seasoned professional who brings more than two decades of invaluable experience in office management to her role at Talance Group. As the Director of Administration, she plays a central role in ensuring the seamless daily operations of the company, drawing upon her extensive expertise to make a significant impact. In her multifaceted role, Julie assumes various responsibilities, exemplifying her versatility. These responsibilities encompass benefits administration, providing comprehensive assistance to candidates for a wide array of inquiries, managing the intricacies of payroll, offering unwavering support to the management team, overseeing facilities, and maintaining an office environment characterized by exceptional efficiency.
Julie's contribution is marked by her unwavering attention to detail and a tenacious work ethic. Her meticulous approach and determination make her an indispensable asset, addressing the administrative and organizational needs of the company. With Julie at the helm of administration, Talance Group benefits from her profound experience, dedication, and commitment to excellence in office management.

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