Gary from The Talance Group was not only friendly and personable, but very thorough and professional in helping me obtain my new position. Everything went along smoothly throughout the interview process, providing tips and everything else I needed along the way. Needless to say I was impressed, but what I value the most is that this was the perfect position for me and had all the requirements I was looking for; and the few things I questioned, Gary was able to work out for the better. I am tremendously appreciative for all Gary’s help and thankful of the fact he considered me in the first place.

G. Fowler
Sr. Systems Administrator

Gary is a unique type of recruiter. His is knowledgeable about the clients and helps to steer the candidate in the right direction. His takes time to coach the candidates on the interview process and maintains good follow up until the final stage. You don’t have to follow up with him like other recruiters because he does that for you. It’s a great experience to deal with him; he makes the whole process transparent and helps you in every stage. You are never lost with him.

Anil Chintagunta
Program Manager

I met Gary Kirkes through a cold contact I put out to him shortly after I had relocated to the Houston area. He immediately followed up with me and took time to learn what I was looking for and what my qualifications were. Unlike many recruiters, he insisted on a face to face meeting before ever submitting me to a client, which I feel is very important for senior management roles. He was engaged in a search for a senior IT management role with a unique client that he felt I’d make a good candidate for. He was very quick at getting interviews set up and coordinated. He stuck tight to the process as I went through several rounds of interviews. In the end however, the company felt that I wasn’t going to be the right match for their environment and opted to pursue other candidates. I have only good things to say about how Gary conducted the process and would recommend him and his firm to other candidates seeking technology roles.

Mike Wangsmo
Director of Operations

Gary – it’s been three weeks since I joined SCI that you recruited me for. I want to tell you I really enjoy it here and I appreciate all your help. Your guidance and insight have prepared me well for the interview and the job is a great fit for me.

Yangyang Hao
Senior HR Project Analyst

Adam is an outstanding recruiter. He has a skill for matching future employees to their employers based on skills and corporate fit. Thanks again Adam for all your help and I will definitely recommend you and Talance Group for anyone in the job market!

Janney Jacob-Cheeran
Solution Delivery Manager

Sarah Readyhough gets results! Her coaching and advice to candidates prior to the interview was invaluable in getting me into my present position. Sarah worked with me to find a new position that was right for me. She was extremely professional and personable, and I enjoyed working with her very much.

Kent Smith
Sr. Desktop Engineer

Adam is simply awesome to work with. He doesn’t just talk the talk but also walks the walk.
He is extremely helpful and will go to great lengths to make things work out for you.
I would gladly recommend him to all of my friends and co-workers.

Falak Malik
Sr. Business Analyst

Adam has been a great resource for project procurement. He is very dedicated to his work and ensures that you are always informed. Furthermore, he is resilient in making sure you have new projects available when you are in the transition phase. I would recommend Adam to any of my professional connections.

Robert Gaetano
Project Lead

I have been a close friend and business associate of Jami Davenport for more than 7 years. We’ve worked together as colleagues and as business partners. Jami has such a wonderful spirit and is a loyal, positive individual. She is someone that people turn to for extra help both personally and professionally. Her strong work ethic has helped many teams achieve success and her work is nothing short of exemplary. I am always impressed with her drive and determination; she never gives up on a situation or a person and fights for what she believes. I am very proud to recommend her.

Tammie Raven
IT Consultant

It was a pleasure working with Gary Kirkes at the Talance Group during my job search. During the time I worked with Gary, he was proactive in providing updates on opportunities that he was pursuing on my behalf and inquired on the status of opportunities that I was pursuing. Gary takes the time to understand what you are looking for in a position and is cognizant of opportunities that may not be a fit with your skill set or career goals. I would highly recommend Gary to other professionals who are seeking a new job.

Marc Gorewitz
Sr. Manager IT