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The Essential Roles Within a Decision Intelligence IT Team

Making the right, informed decision in a complex and ever-changing business world can be complex. That’s why many executives are implementing the future into their business with a decision intelligence system. Decision intelligence (DI) is a machine learning system that automates complex business decisions. With next-level data processing and predictive analytics, DI systems are capable of finding the best possible decision based on the most optimal outcome.

In fact, nearly ⅓ of businesses are projected to implement a decision intelligence system by 2023. In order to run a system effectively, you’ll need the right decision intelligence team made up of expert IT professionals. Each person on the team plays a different role that contributes to implementing and improving the DI system and therefore your business operations. 

The Researcher

Before successfully implementing a DI system, you need to do your research. Having a dedicated researcher on your team will help immensely. Decision intelligence relies on using past data to inform future decisions. The researcher will gather information from decisions and outcomes from various business models. This provides a background for future research and decisions, and allows the DI model to understand the feedback and goals of stakeholders and leadership. 

Once the researcher does their job, they are able to provide necessary information to other members of the team. It is helpful for everyone to understand what consequences arose from past decisions. This data also lets others — such as the developer — do their job effectively. These roles all work together and inform each other. 

The Developer

The developer is a tech-savvy, dreams-in-code kind of person. Think of the developer as the hacker at a computer wearing sunglasses: I’m in. This member of your decision intelligence team is responsible for developing and fostering the actual DI system. They will work closely with everyone involved, especially the other members of the IT team (the researcher and analyst) to adjust the decision intelligence system as necessary. 

The developer uses various software and coding, including business intelligence apps, to learn about business decisions and implement improvements as necessary. This role on a DI team manages the artificial intelligence that is responsible for machine learning. By combining business intelligence and decisions with AI capabilities, the developer can create a system that forecasts, predicts and makes decisions that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. 

The Analyst

Decision intelligence is all about the final result. The final member of the decision intelligence team is the analyst, who is responsible for gathering the data from the developer’s child (also known as the DI system). This role is crucial because they provide an analysis of how well the DI system is working, as well as what the next steps are that the team should take. Analysts will identify patterns in business practices, customer relations, inventory and overall performance. When this member of the decision intelligence team is operating at full capability, they can bring valued insights and ideas to the business.

The analyst delivers data and information to decision makers and business leaders. By providing in-depth target analytics, they assist the organization in executing business decisions that will lead to the best outcomes. Once the decision is made, they turn over the data to the researcher and developer, who make any necessary adjustments. 

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Decision intelligence is the new way to make business decisions. Machine learning and artificial intelligence add a new dimension to running large-scale operations and weighing the outcomes of complex situations. To successfully manage a DI system in your business, you’ll need an expert decision intelligence team made up of talented IT professionals. 

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