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The Power of Transparency & Trust

Transparency is powerful. It leads to efficient problem solving, team building, authentic relationships, trust, and ultimately, higher levels of performance. 

Many leaders struggle with transparency because they’re afraid that their employees and clients will view them as less authoritative. Ironically, this lack of transparency leads to lack of trust amongst employees and clients; leading to high-turnover and less than optimal levels of performance. 

The reality is that people want real leaders and partners: ones they can relate to, ones that are open, and ones that aren’t afraid to admit their mistakes. Transparent leaders are brave. They don’t shift the truth when it’s convenient, they stick to the truth, even when it isn’t convenient. 

I’ve experienced this firsthand, my clients appreciate my candor and transparency because they know I won’t hide the truth from them, no matter how inconvenient it may be for me. Because of our open communication, we can solve problems and find solutions faster with all our cards on the table. 

Your transparency will earn you new employees and clients, but the trust you build will keep your relationship with them strong. 

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