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You Can Do Anything. But Not Everything.

You Can Do Anything. But Not Everything.

By Rachel Fogg

The key to being an influential leader is not doing as much as possible but delegating. Time management is one of the biggest challenges that managers face, and effective delegation allows more tasks to be completed in less time. There is an art to delegating, and if you struggle with this try following the five-step process outlined below:

  1.  Design a plan for the assignment.
  2. Assign the task or project to an employee.
  3. Review the assignment with the employee working on it.
  4. Don’t let the assignment fall back on your plate.
  5. Hold the employee accountable for completing and reporting on the project.

By delegating responsibilities you are empowering your employees to take ownership of their work. It takes courage, intelligence, and humility to delegate in a way that drives productivity and success through an organization. But instead of shrinking from the risk delegation entails, leaders should aim high.

Rachel Fogg, Partner

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